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From 8-11 Every Day

Thick Sliced Challah French Toast
– $10
Spiced Caramelized Apples, Cream cheese yogurt, Maple sauce,Toasted Almonds

The Green Thing (egg sandwich) -$8

Scrambled With Spinach, Onion Jam, Swiss and Arugula on Seven Grain Toast

Croque Madame -$12

Grilled Ham On French Toasted Brioche, Garlic Mornay Sauce, Smoked Swiss, Sunny Side Fried Egg

 Chef’s Three Egg Omelette Of The Day – $12
With Skillet Fried Red Skinned Potatoes, Seven Grain Toast and Jam

Hot Oatmeal – $6

With Toasted Coconut, Dried Fruit And Almonds

Scrambled Egg Sandwich – $7

Choose Between Applewood Smoked Bacon, Taylor Pork Roll, Sausage Patty Or Fried Ham With Swiss, Cheddar, Chive Cream Cheese Or American Cheese On A Brioche Bun

House Smoked Salmon Bagel– $9 (very limited supply)

Chive Cream Cheese, Pickled Red Onion,, Capers, Shaved Radish


Breakfast Pastries

Cheese Danish – $3

Morning Glory Muffin (Gluten Free) – $2.50

Assorted Yeast Doughnuts – $2.50

Croissants, Fruit Turnovers, Dumplings – $3.50

Bagels with Butter or Cream Cheese – $2.50

Spinach and Cheese Filled Brioche – $3

Assorted Scones – $2.50




Applewood Smoked Bacon – $4

Taylor Pork Roll – $4

Sausage Patties – $4

Grilled Ham– $4

 Toast – $2.00

Fried Redskinned Potatoes – $4

Hummus, Cream Cheese Or Peanut Butter – $1.50

Extra Egg – $2


B R I D G E  K I D S

Age 12 & under

Chicken Fingers

All Beef Hot Dog

Grilled Cheese

Kids Meals are served w/ French Fries and a choice of beverages:
Milk, Chocolate Milk, Pepsi, Root Beer, Ginger ale, Lemonade



from 11-3 Monday through Friday,  11-4 Saturday  and Sunday

Traditional Crock of French Onion

Garlic Crouton/Smoked Finlandia Swiss  $8

Today’s Soup

Cup – $4.50   /   Bowl – $6

Fabulous Salads!

Grilled Shrimp Caesar – $18
Toasted Parmesan, Garlic croutons

Spinach Cake Salad – $16

Twin Patties of Lentils, Brown Rice and Feta-Tossed Greens, Hummus, Assorted Raw Vegetables, House Dressing

Seasonal Garden Salad -$9

Medley of Available Greens and Seasonal Raw Vegetables, House Dressing

Sides & Snacks

Grilled Sour Dough Bread with House Smoked Butter

Our Signature Slaw – $4

Our Composed Salad of The Day – $4

Sweet Potato Fries – $7

Batter Fried Onion Rings – $6

French Fries – $6


Sandwiches, Burgers & Brunch Selections


Bridge Burger – $13

Arugula, Red Onion, Pickle, Aioli- with French Fries (add $1 For Cheese)

Veggie Burger – $16

Griddled Patty of Lentil, Brown Rice, Feta and Chopped Spinach on a Brioche Bun with Hummus, Arugula, Red Onion, Pickle and French Fries

Croque Madame – $13

Custard Dipped and Griddled Challah, Sliced Ham, Imported Swiss, Garlic Cream Cheese, Fried Egg, with a side of Sweet Potato Fries

Half Sandwich+ Cup of Soup of The Day  -$11 (* see choices below)

*Ham/Swiss, Maple Dijon

*Chicken Salad and Arugula

*Grilled Broccoli/Hummus/Feta Wrap

*Grilled Cheese/Bacon/ Onion Jam

Sandwich Special of the Day-server will explain




18% GRATUITY INCLUDED ON CHECKS FOR PARTIES OF 5 OR MORE. No separate checks and a single form of payment is preferred. Please silence cell phones. No smoking on premises, inside and outside. Non-aggressive LEASHED and properly controlled dogs permitted on north dining patio only (adjacent to Bridge St.). Free WI-FI for dining patrons is password protected. Ask. Please limit WI-FI use to 30 minutes. Thank you for visiting!

C O L D  B E V E R A G E S

Unsweetened iced black tea – $2.50 refills $1.00

Unsweetened iced green tea – $2.50 refills $1.00

Bottled flavored iced teas – $3.00

Small World fresh brewed iced coffee – $2.50 refills $1.00

Lemonade – $2.50 refills $1.00

Bottled Boylan’s sodas and seltzers and natural fruit sodas – $2.50

Orange juice – $3.00

Apple juice – $3.00

Cranberry juice cocktail – $3.00

Bottled spring water – $2.00

San Pellegrino sparkling water – $3.00

Pepsi-cola – $2.50 refills $1.00

Diet Pepsi – $2.50 refills $1.00

Ginger Ale – $2.50 refills $1.00

Root Beer – $2.50 refills $1.00

Milk – $2.25

Chocolate milk – $3.00

All 20 ounce bottled drinks from cooler – $3.00



H O T   B E V E R A G E S

Freshly ground brewed coffee – $3.00/mug
Small World Roasters, Princeton, NJ

A large variety of teas and tisanes – $2.50

Chai tea or chocolate chai tea – $4

Cappuccino & latte – single shot – $4. double $4.25

Mocha Latte – $4.25 double shot $4.50

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallows – $3

Hot coffee and hot tea refills free with a full service meal

Ice Cream & Specialty Drinks

Fruit smoothie of the day – $6
Iced latte – $4
Iced mocha latte – $4.25
Ice cream floats – $5
Milkshakes and Malts – $5.50


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